How to Tie Hair Up with Tape extensions (Complete Guide)

Do you also think that tape in hair extensions are ideal only for the red carpet? Well, it’s a wrong assumption as it is not the high maintenance type extensions that can burn a hole in your pocket. It makes you look graceful with a long length and lustrous hair that can own any event or celebration! However, it does not mean you can play freely with them! As after all, they are artificial extensions, and you need to diligently follow the aftercare routine for the complete protection and maintenance. Let’s learn about how to tie hair with extensions, wash them and other aspects of hair care.

Aren’t voluminous hair an amazing makeover for the thin and frizzy ones? And tape in extensions could be your saviour from all the mess.

What exactly is the tape in hair extensions?

This is an absolute new entrant in the market and a kind of semi-permanent solution for all your hair problems. Taping in the process is also simple, and the attachment can last for around 6-8 weeks. There is a 1-inch hair weft that is attached to the sandwich-like bond. It is a 100% natural method and is easily reusable for any hair types. And it is so comfortable and easily manageable that you wouldn’t like to put it off quite often.

Is tape in hair extensions effective?

Tapes used in these types of hair extensions are the premium quality locks that roll up to create
natural style wigs and weaves. Hairstylists efficiently put up the full head or partial attachment that
provides a natural appearance and stunning looks.

Can tape in hair extensions cause hair damage?

Well, in a few cases, these types of hair extensions can lead to a lot of hair loss and damage, but by implying right processes and patterns, you can avoid the hazards to a great extent. Proper application and aftercare routine help in maintaining the quality of your extensions. Improper haircare can lead to a messy look and can hamper the hair bonds as well. Installing the extensions in a few patches can help in avoiding the strain on the entire head. The frequent strain on the head can lead to a condition known as alopecia. Hence, it is advisable to opt for the tape in extensions but in moderation.

What are the main types of hair extensions?

Here is a list of several popular types of hair extensions such as:

    • Clip-ins
    • Halos
    • Weaves
    • Tape-ins
    • Ponytails

How to tie hair with tape-in extensions?

It entirely is your choice on the type of extension that you wish to apply and how do you wish to hold it. Whether you go with a weave, tape in extension or the fusion; it needs professional care, and you must not try it at home. Taking perfect salon advice from a healthcare expert and aid in
selecting the best type of hair extensions. You can tie a sleek ponytail with these extensions and
flaunt your natural look with a better touch to it. Middle or half partitions are the other ways in
which you can attach these extensions to your hair.

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Primarily, you need to know about the number of extensions as they would decide the appropriate style for you. For a thicker hair volume, you need around 2-3 packages while for extending the hair
length, you need 4-6 hair packages. Women who want to flaunt the large body wave might need
around 8-10 tape in hair extensions.

Follow these simple steps for installing hair extensions:

Although you might be able to fit in these extensions perfectly, it is always advisable to consult an
excellent professional hairstylist to avoid any flaws.

  1. Clean hair perfectly – Similar to any other type of extension, even for this one, you need to clean
    your hair and dry them thoroughly. And kind of dirt or unwanted accumulation and lead to the
    inappropriate installation of hair weft. They might also come off quickly than you imagine. Hence, if you do not wish any such blunder clean your hair properly.
  2. Section them – Next step to set the tape in extensions is the dividing part from top to bottom. Even the division of hair is essential and simultaneously secure the topmost part while allowing the bottom side hanging.
  3. Take thin portions – Rather take a very thin portion of hair and sandwich it amongst two sections. You can also ensure that tape in hair extensions appropriately touches the bottom part so that two of them stick appropriately to each other.
  4. Attach it – Start with securing the bottom part and place thinner hair to the top extension. Now press both wefts tightly to ensure a proper stick, and it should be so fine that it does not come off quickly. Do not put weft very close to the scalp edge or else people could figure out your artificial human hair extensions.
  5. Repeat – While placing the wefts near to each other, also ensure that there are no gaps. After you are through with the process, there must be at least four rows of proper extensions.
  6. Style it – Chop off the extra tape in extension length to match the hairstyle as per your face cut. Some additional styling can add up to your stunning and gorgeous looks. Do not forget to take proper care of your hair.

How to take off the tape in hair extensions?

Taking off the tape in extensions requires some extra amount of care and vigilance to avoid any hair damages or other issues. Follow the steps stated below:

  1. Opt for a good quality tape in bond remover – It is very crucial to use an apt bond in tape remover which is oil-based and of premium quality. Preferably do not opt for keratin bond remover as it is alcohol-based and not advisable for hair texture. Start with the smooth application of a minimal bond remover amount to your hair weft. Begin with a single weft application as occupying the whole head can make it very gummy. Also, too little quantity can ruin the process. If still, you find it sticky, use some remover and let it stay for a few minutes. Now, slide the tail combs slowly to manage the removal process as protect hair extensions as well. Applying hair detox is also an excellent way to waive off the tape in extension adhesives completely. This product is coconut-based and can provide complete hair nourishment as well.
  2. Rinse properly – To get rid of the tape in extensions residue, you must wash off the hair with the right shampoo. Good quality clarifying shampoo can prove beneficial for your hair. After you wash hair for the first time, there might be still some stickiness left, and a few pinches of baking soda along with the shampoo can help in complete cleansing. It acts as an abrasive which can break down the bonds and help in getting rid of the stickiness and remover. Now rinse them again for complete cleaning followed by the deep conditioning that would allow some comfort and softness to your hair.

How to wash hair with tape-in extensions?

Even when you are carrying the tape in hair extensions on, few washes are still essential for you. There are ways which can enable to clean your hair effectively. They are as follows:

  1. Brush it – Begin with soft combing to remove all tangles from the hair. Opt for a dry or wet detangling comb brush that can facilitate the process of cleaning and even helps in avoiding tangles while washing hair off.
  2. Use right shampoo – There are many top brand Ultra Smoothing shampoos available in the market, but not all of them are perfect for hair with tape-in extensions. Your professional hairstylist might suggest a few options and picking up the right ones can help in retaining a perfect texture and shine for your hair. Start by wetting hair with warm water and then use shampoo. Now apply gently and rub it from the roots to the tip with the help of fingers. Massage gently so that the shampoo reaches even to the scalp. Avoid circulatory motion as it might lead to more tangles.
  3. Rinse hair – If possible, opt for running water to clean off the shampoo from your hair. Rinse it properly till all shampoo gets washed off thoroughly. Use a good conditioner that is best suitable for the hair extensions. Now squeeze conditioner into various parts and start massaging it in the scalp. Allow it to rest for some minutes.
  4. Rinse the conditioner – Make use of a wide-toothed brush or comb to divide hair into various strands. It won’t take longer than 3 minutes and now rinse the hair again to wipe off the conditioner completely. Wash it in running water so that there are no remains of any soap foams.
  5. Drying – Make use of a lint-free towel to pat and dry your hair effectively. If you have no hurry to
    dry the hair with a blow dryer, let them dry naturally. Even if you are using a dryer, do not hold it over the place of bonds. Dry out the tape in extensions first and then dry other parts of your head.
  6. Head up for some styling – Before styling, dry up the hair properly, or you can also use the blow-dry lotion for keeping the curls intact. It also prevents your hair from any heating damages, and you can also use a flat iron for giving a stylish touch!

Wrap up

Tape in hair extensions is a perfect solution to make your hair healthy and bouncy! All you need to do is take proper care and precautions while washing your extensions or taking them off appropriately. Above article is also helpful in giving you a brief about how to tie hair with tape in extensions with considerate care and precautions. You can stay carefree and enjoy the shiny, thick hair without any fuss only with the help of this hair care routine. Move out in style and show up your best side with stunning hair that you always dreamt of!