how to make short hair wavy naturally

How to make Heat free waves for short hair

Heat free waves for short hair are very easy to style. Small curlers rather create curls and waves are not beautiful. Hair twisted in one or two harness and warmed throughout. Keep the iron is needed for long enough to have time to heat up the hair in a plait. It is better to go a couple of times, the hair is well spun. Wiring should dissolve only when the hair cool. Waves will lie in different ways, if you twist a tourniquet on his head or forehead.

  • Before cheat curlers, hair wash and air dry them slightly. They should be moist, but not wet.
  • Then the tool is applied uniformly styling – foam or mousse.
  • Begin to perm hair at the crown, followed by taking strands at the back, and then on the sides. Separates the strands of the same thickness and wound on rollers in the same direction.
  • At the end styling is dried with a hair dryer. Wait until the hair dries.

When the rollers are removed, then gently pulled apart the strands with your fingers and sprinkle with varnish.

Methods for Heat free waves for short hair:

A lock of hair with your fingers curled into a ring and clamped forceps ironing. Make laying waves with a hair dryer also use your hand for temporary styling. Most of the time some hairs does not make curls, for it still need additional tools round brush a nozzle cone or hairpins. Round brush laid medium length hair. Screw the lock around the brush and blow dry. So the whole process down. The diffuser is not only used to give volume to the hair, but also to tighten the locks. All the hair in the twist rings, attach elastic bands and dry using a diffuser-nozzle.

Put your hair in a plait 2 tighten and fasten the rings to hairpins, hair dryer after drying your hair will turn out beautiful soft waves.

How to wind short hair curling irons?

For short hair curls look even more spectacular than the long. The correct way of curling will receive excellent results. Try to make curls in the following ways:

  1. Screw short hair curling can be. Curling is the same as the short hair, the only caveat curling diameter should be small.
  2. To wind the short hair can be very useful handy hair iron. With it you can make a stylish large ringlets.
    For short hair it is very convenient to do perm curlers using sticky. They are firmly attached to the strand through a small soft spines.
  3. If the hand is not one of the above devices is not, for a wave can use their own hands:
  4. Wrap a strand of hair on his finger.
  5. Sprinkle it with varnish.
  6. Hold for a few minutes and release the resulting curls.

This method can be simplified even further:

You can use treat hair mousse for getting heat free waves for short hair, also you can squeeze them randomly. Correct curls in this case, of course, does not turn out, but the hair is exactly the volume and artistically dishevelled. This can add curly look to hairs with out harming them.


Hope you have enjoyed the writeup and now clear with the techniques of heat free waves for the shorter hair types. Thanks for reading!