Blue Black Hair Color ideas for women

10 Astounding Blue Black Hair Color Ideas To Try

Are you ready to embark on a journey of hair transformation that is both daring and enchanting? Look no further than the captivating world of blue black hair color. This mesmerizing fusion of deep blue and rich black tones creates a spellbinding, alluring look that captivates hearts and turns heads.

For women seeking a distinctive and trendsetting hairstyle for over 50 or any other age, blue black hair color offers an extraordinary choice that goes beyond conventional norms. With its mystical and elegant allure, this unique color palette brings a touch of magic to your tresses, allowing you to express your individuality and creativity like never before.

In this article, we’ll explore ten stunning blue black hair color ideas that inspire and ignite your imagination. Whether you’re considering a subtle transformation or a striking metamorphosis, our curated list will inspire you to embark on your hair odyssey.

How to Get Blue Black Hair

There are several ways to achieve a blue black hair color. Here are some of the most popular methods for hair Transforming:

Hair Dye: The most common method is using a hair dye specifically formulated for blue black hair. The dyes contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to lift the natural hair color and deposit the blue black pigment. It provides long-lasting results but may cause some damage to the hair.

Hair Extensions: If you’re not ready for a full commitment, you can opt for blue black hair color extensions. They come in various styles and are an easy way to add color without altering your natural hair.

Hair Chalk or Hair Mascara: Temporary color products like hair chalk or hair mascara allow you to experiment with blue black hair color without any long-term commitment. They wash out easily and work well for special occasions or events.

DIY Home Remedies: Some natural ingredients like indigo powder or blueberry juice can be used to achieve a blue tint on black hair. However, the results may vary, and performing a strand test is essential first.

Visit a Professional Salon: For the best and most consistent results, it’s recommended to visit a professional hair salon. A skilled stylist can help you to achieve the perfect blue black color shade while minimizing damage to your hair.

Pre-Lightening (Bleaching): If you have dark hair and want a vibrant blue black shade, your stylist may need to pre-lighten your hair with bleach before applying the blue black dye. This step is very crucial to achieve the desired color intensity.

Toning: After dyeing your hair blue black, your stylist may use a toner to adjust the undertones and ensure a more even and flattering result.

Color Maintenance: Blue black hair color requires proper maintenance to keep the color looking fresh. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner, avoid excessive heat styling, and limit exposure to chlorinated water and the sun.

10 Astounding Blue Black Hair Color Ideas

Each hairstyle is popular and offers a wide range of options for women to experiment with their blue black hair color, allowing them to showcase their unique style and personality confidently.

Midnight Sapphire Waves

Midnight Sapphire Waves

The deep blue undertones intertwine with the black base, creating a shimmering, almost otherworldly effect that evokes a sense of mystery and elegance. Soft, cascading waves allow the interplay of colors to come alive, showcasing the depth and brilliance of the sapphire blue. Whether you have naturally wavy hair or achieve the look with styling tools, these waves exude a touch of effortless sophistication that complements any occasion.

Midnight Sapphire Waves offer a perfect balance between versatility and boldness. During the day, the hues may appear subtle and sophisticated, casting an air of confidence and poise. As night falls, under the glimmer of lights, the sapphire shades come alive, transforming your look into daring allure and intrigue. It also looks quite good with burgundy hair color styles.

Electric Indigo Bob

Electric Indigo Bob
Photo- The Black Cat Salon

The beauty of the Electric Indigo Bob lies in its versatility. It suits women of all ages, from daring trendsetters to fashion-forward professionals. Either you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the indigo shade adds a touch of excitement to any texture. The Electric Indigo Bob is an ideal canvas for adding your flair. To accentuate your style, experiment with hair accessories like clips, headbands, or scarves. 

The key to rocking the Electric Indigo Bob is confidence. Embrace the boldness of the Blue Black Hair Color and wear it with pride. When you feel confident in your appearance, you’ll exude an irresistible charm that draws admiration and attention.

Navy Elegance Updo

Navy Elegance Updo

The Navy Elegance Updo is a classic and sophisticated hairstyle that exudes timeless charm and elegance. This gracefully arranged updo combines the richness of navy blue with the allure of a carefully crafted upstyle, creating a regal and refined look. The Navy Elegance Updo offers a seamless fusion of simplicity and allure, making it a versatile choice for various hair types and lengths. 

While, With its deep and enchanting undertones, navy blue serves as the focal point of this updo, lending an unparalleled sense of regal allure. The rich and dark hue provides a striking contrast against any hair color, making it a universally flattering choice. Whether you’re attending a formal gala, a corporate event, or a romantic dinner, this Blue Black Hair Color updo will effortlessly complement your attire and leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Teal Infusion Curls

Teal Infusion Curls

This captivating hairstyle seamlessly blends deep teal highlights with luscious curls, creating a stunning fusion of colors and textures that exudes confidence and individuality. Teal Infusion offers a versatile and chic way to experiment with bold hues while maintaining an air of sophistication. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, this trend can suit any length and complement various skin tones. 

This trend seamlessly adapts to various hairstyles, whether you prefer loose beach waves, defined ringlets, or a stylish updo. It effortlessly elevates any look for any occasion. This style provides the flexibility to dial or tone down the color to match your style and comfort level. On the other hand, its maintenance is surprisingly easy. With regular color-safe hair care routines and occasional touch-ups, you can keep the vibrant teal hues looking fresh and vibrant for an extended period. You can also try it with lavender hair color.

Smoky Steel Pixie

Smoky Steel Pixie

The Smoky Steel Pixie is more than just a hairstyle; it symbolizes empowerment and self-expression. Embracing this bold and elegant look allows you to step outside the traditional norms, embracing your uniqueness with grace and poise. Whether you’re attending a formal event or a casual outing, the Smoky Steel Pixie will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. His smoky steel blue black hue infuses depth and dimension into the hair, creating a captivating and mysterious aura.

One of the significant advantages of the Smoky Steel Pixie is its easy styling. With minimal effort, you can achieve a polished and sophisticated appearance that requires little maintenance. Run your fingers through your hair for a messy, bedhead look, or use styling products for a sleek and refined finish. His subtle blue undertones subtly reflect under different lighting, adding an element of intrigue to your overall look.

Sapphire Ombre Locks

Sapphire Ombre Locks
Photo- Services By Kim LLC

Sapphire ombre is a sophisticated hair coloring technique that starts with a dark blue shade at the roots, gradually transitioning into a deep black at the ends. The result is a seamless and eye-catching gradient reminiscent of the precious gemstone it’s named after. The blend of blue and black creates a sense of depth and movement, adding an ethereal touch to your locks. Achieving the perfect sapphire ombre locks requires precision and expertise. 

One of the biggest advantages of this Blue Black Hair Color is its versatility. It complements various hair textures, skin tones, and lengths. Whether you prefer sleek and straight, beachy waves, or voluminous curls, sapphire ombre adds a touch of allure to any hairstyle. For women with darker natural hair, sapphire ombre is an excellent choice as it require’s minimal bleaching, reducing potential damage. 

Aqua Noir Braids

Aqua Noir Braids
Photo – Ehilin

Aqua Noir braids are the epitome of sophistication and allure, fusing the ocean’s depths with the charm of midnight mysteries. These captivating black women hairstyles take the classic braided look to a new level, infusing it with a fascinating blend of deep aqua and rich noir tones. The essence of Aqua Noir braids lies in their alluring contrasts. The deep aqua hues interwoven with the dark noir strands create an eye-catching and dynamic visual effect that draws everyone’s attention.

Aqua Noir braids strike the perfect balance between boldness and elegance. The mysterious aquatic tones add a touch of allure to the overall appearance, while the noir base adds a sense of understated sophistication. The oceanic tones of Aqua Noir braids evoke visions of sun-kissed beaches and tranquil waves. These braids are an ideal choice for beach vacations and summer escapades.

Icy Blue Lob

Icy Blue Lob
Photo- All the Hairstyles

This captivating hairstyle combines the chicness of a long bob (lob) with the enchanting allure of icy blue hues, creating a mesmerizing and daring look that will turn heads. Embracing the Icy Blue Lob allows women to break free from conventional norms and embark on a journey of self-expression through their hair. The icy blue hues add a touch of ethereal white color charm, giving your hair a cool and enchanting vibe. 

Contrary to popular belief, the Icy Blue Lob complements various skin tones, not just fair complexions. Depending on the specific shade of icy blue you choose, it can beautifully accentuate warm, cool, or neutral undertones, making it a universally flattering choice for women of all backgrounds. Despite its high-fashion appeal, the Icy Blue Lob is surprisingly low maintenance and offers versatility.

Mystic Mermaid Ponytail

Mystic Mermaid Ponytail
Photo –Kelly Watson

Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of mermaids, this unique ponytail combines sophistication and playfulness to create a truly magical look. Starting with a sleek base, this hairstyle incorporates graceful waves that cascade down like the gentle flow of the ocean. The smooth and wavy textures create a captivating contrast, allowing you to embrace your refined and carefree sides.

To truly capture the essence of mermaid magic, infuse your mystic ponytail with hues of sea-inspired colors. The ethereal blend of blue, turquoise, and teal highlights weaves through the hair, mimicking the shimmering beauty of the ocean’s depths. Whether you choose subtle pastels or vibrant tones, the colors will breathe life into your hair, making it a work of art. The mystic mermaid ponytail is not just a hairstyle; it’s an expression of your inner beauty and confidence. 

Cobalt Allure Messy Bun

Cobalt Allure Messy Bun

The Cobalt Allure Messy Bun is a captivating and trendy hairstyle that effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of playfulness. This chic and versatile updo is perfect for women who want to make a bold statement while maintaining relaxed elegance. Cobalt blue is a striking shade that exudes confidence and individuality, making it the perfect choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. 

The Messy Bun is a classic & timeless Blue Black Hair Color style that never goes out of fashion. This can strike a perfect balance between casual and chic, making you effortlessly transition from a day at the office to an evening out with friends. The Cobalt Allure Messy Bun takes this traditional updo to the next level by infusing it with a burst of bold color, creating a look that is anything but ordinary.


1. What is blue black hair color?

Blue black hair color is a stunning combination of deep blue and rich black hues that create a captivating shade. It gives the hair a mysterious and alluring look, with the blue tones subtly reflecting under certain lighting conditions.

2. Will blue black hair color work on dark hair?

Yes, blue black hair color works well on dark hair. In fact, it often looks more pronounced and vibrant on naturally dark hair. However, for those with very dark hair, some pre-lightening or bleaching might be necessary to achieve a more intense blue black shade.

3. How long does blue black hair color last?

The longevity of blue black hair color depends on the type of dye used and how well you maintain it. Permanent hair dye can longed for several weeks to a couple of months before fading, while semi-permanent dyes may fade gradually after a few weeks or a few washes.

4. How can I make my blue black hair color last longer?

To make your blue black hair color last longer, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners designed for color-treated hair. Avoid washing your hair with hot water and limit exposure to harsh sunlight and chlorine. Regular touch-ups at the salon can also help maintain the vibrancy of the color.

5. Can I achieve blue black hair color at home?

You can achieve blue black hair color at home using permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. However, for the best results and to minimize damage to your hair, visiting a professional hair salon is recommended.

6. Will blue black hair color damage my hair?

Most hair dyes, especially permanent ones, contain chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that can cause some degree of damage to the hair. To minimize damage, use hair masks, oils, and deep conditioners regularly to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

7. Can I return to my natural hair color after dyeing it blue black?

Yes, you can return to your natural hair color after dyeing it blue black. If you are using semi-permanent dye, the color will fade over time, allowing your natural color to come through. If you used a permanent dye, you may need to wait for it to grow out or visit a salon to have it professionally removed or transitioned.

8. Will blue black hair color stain my clothes and bedding?

Blue black hair may bleed slightly after the initial dyeing process, so taking precautions to prevent staining is essential. Cover your pillows with dark towels or pillowcases, and wear dark-colored clothing when the hair is still damp after dyeing.

9. Can I dye over blue black hair with another color?

Yes, you can dye over blue black hair with another color. However, keep in mind that the blue black base may influence the final result, especially if you choose a lighter color. If you want to switch to a significantly different shade, it’s best to consult a professional stylist for advice.

10. Will the blue black color show on my dark hair without bleaching?

If you have very dark hair, the blue tones may only show as vividly with some level of pre-lightening or bleaching. Consider lightening your hair a few shades before applying the blue black dye to achieve a more noticeable blue black color.


These ten astounding blue black hair color ideas offer a beautiful journey into the world of captivating and daring styles. From the ethereal midnight sapphire waves to the vibrant electric indigo bob, each look presents a unique opportunity for women to express their individuality and creativity. Whether you prefer subtle sophistication or bold allure, the allure of blue black hair is undeniable. Embrace the magic of this enchanting hue and elevate your style to new heights. 

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