Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Black Hair

18+ Craziest Half Up Half Down HairStyles for Black Hair (2024)

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for black hair women who do not like to go out with open hair!

Some are fond of trying different hairstyles whenever they step out or hold a kitty party at home. If you are one of them, it is important to have some knowledge of a variety of half-up half-down hairstyles. If your age is around 50 and do not know which hairstyle will be most suitable, checkout our list of stunning hairstyles for 50 years chubby women.

Do you wish to try a new look with half up half down black hair for your next outing?

Not to Worry! We have brought some of the most stylish and easy to handle half up half down black hair.Hence, these hairstyles can go with any of your outfits and occasions perfectly.

These half up half down black hairstyles are versatile and easy to wear on any occasion. These looks usually go with all forms of events and outfits like casual, formal and traditional. Half-open and half tied hair will give you a wonderful appearance every day.

List of Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Black Hair

Scroll down to have a look at these amazing 18+ half-up half-down hairstyles for black hair.

    1. Half-up Half-down Shoulder Length Hair

This is one of the most preferred hairstyles among middle-length hair women. Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyles always makes the women appear beautiful as well as wise.

    1. One Side Braid Hairstyle

One side braid looks amazingly awesome on wavy hair. Similarly, this style gives a complete alter appearance and sweet stunning texture as compared to straight hair.

    1. Texturized Feather Cut Hairstyle

If you wish to get rid of your thin hair problem then give it a feather cut hairstyle.Tie it with a pin on the head to make it look more texturized and voluminous. These half up half down hairstyles for black hair is becoming popular in the year of 2022.

    1. The Classic Two-Sided Ponytail on Long Hair

This will go on any hair length and type. Whether you have a long or shoulder-length hair, straight or wavy, this half up half down hairstyles black gives a new style to your personality.

    1. Shaggy Bob for Fine Hair

Another amazing hairstyle that gives a different look and adds a new style to the regular bob cut. The shaggy bob can definitely save the look of your fine hair.

    1. Low Half Ponytail Tied with a Scarf

This one is perfect for regular work style or for college look. When it comes to hairstyle, this style will shows knowledgeable and crafty.

    1. Letter Y Hairstyle

It is usually tied with two braids from the front that becomes one and go at the back of the head forming the letter Y. If not braid, just roll the front part of the hair and tie them at the back for a perfect half up half down hairstyle.

    1. Triple Braided Tieback

This is one of the royal looks for half up half down haircut. It is formed with triple braids from the front of the back. Eventually, these braids give a perfect layer and traditional Egyptian look on lovely occasions.

    1. Boho Braided Half Up Half Down Haircut

Boho hairstyles are considered one of the most classy and fabulous hairstyles for a wedding or other traditional occasions. It is a simple but unique hairstyle that came into the limelight with the famous American TV show Game of Thrones.

    1. Half Up Half Down is Made for Wavy Hair

Set your waves with the help of a bunch of pins into a manner that creates a perfect look. Just take a small amount of your hair into your hand and tie it into a knot at the backside of the head. Leave the other section open and flowing down.

    1. Messy Ponytailon Mid-Length Hair

You can try to make a messy ponytail on your hair to enhance your waves. Leave half of the portion of your hair falling and tie loose ponytails with the remaining portion. Keep the ponytail on one side.

    1. Game of Thrones HairStyles

The world’s most loved show game of thrones was not only famous for its amazing screenplay and actions. It is also known for various new half up half down hairstyles for black hair. So, if you wish to try a wavy hairstyle, simply have one of them with braids and pins.

    1. Try a Hun SomeTime

To make a Hun, all you need to do is to take a few parts of your hair. Tie them into a Hun using a hairband at the top of your head and leave the other part open. Additionally, It can be easily made at home and give you an entirely new style for a party or an event.

    1. Top Knot Messy Look

Another great look to try on wavy or messy hair. Just fluff your hair and knot the bun at the top of the head taking a few portions of the hair. Further, these can be one of the perfect half-up half-down hairstyles for black hair.

    1. Half Ponytail HairStyle

This is a simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for black hair, old-fashion but classy haircut that can be pulled easily with any outfit. Also, it can go with any form of hair type from straight to extremely curly.

    1. Braids with Top Knot Haircut

Make quite a good number of thin braids with your hair and out a bun tying a few of them to complete this look. Eventually, this braided half-up half-down hairstyle looks quite stylish and mesmerizing in any party.

    1. Zendaya Half-Up Half-Down HairCuts

Zendaya recently came in this amazing hairstyle that can give you cute and stylish appearance. You can try it with slightly curly wavy hair to get fascinating effect.

    1. Two-Sided Small Bun

Just part your hair and spice up your look with this two-sided bun on the open hair. Moreover, you can also try one Hun but these two Huns will perfectly enhance your appearance.

    1. Long Thick Braid on Open Hair

Take half of the portions from the front of the hair in your hand and tie it in a braid. Leave the braid and the remaining part falling down your shoulder.

  1. Braided Bohemian Goddess Faux

To get some eccentric vibes, the Braided bohemian goddess faux is suitable for those with long black hair. Braids tied into a Hun give an amazing traditional goddess look and is called Bohemian.

To Conclude

These are the best half up half down hairstyles for black hair which anyone can try. Try a different look every day and enhance your styling with these amazing above-mentioned hairstyles.