Hair Extension

Hair Extensions in depth – What, Why and Which

Ever heard of the words extensions for the hair? Do you wonder what it is? Then you are at the right place. This article will help you know what hair extensions are and provide more information concerning hair extension. Information ranging from what they are, different types with merits and demerits of each, why you should get yourself a it, things to bear in mind before purchasing extension and we will also list some few hair extension brands whose price are cheap and affordable.

What Are Hair Extensions?

If you were not lucky enough to get long flowing hair, hair extensions might be a solution to your problem. We see them day in day out behind the enviable red-carpet hairstyles which we see our favorite celebrities in. Hair extension, which are also known as hair integrations to others, are used as an additional length and volume to one’s hair. They can be made of natural materials or artificial ones.

Virgin natural hair integrations are said to be of very good quality and are the most expensive since the hair’s cuticle is maintained and all the hair goes in one way from helping one achieve a very natural look. There are different hair extension products. If one ifs on a very tight budget, synthetic hair extensions are a cheap option and can also serve the function. They are however not good for heat styling and they easily tangle. They are good for a person who wants a temporary change in style. They also do not require a lot of maintenance like natural hair extensions.

Why Do You Need Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions add to the volume and length of a person’s hair. Hair is one of the first things a new person sees when they look at you and therefore this contributes to the first impression of a person. Nowadays, it has become very easy for people to change their hair in different ways according to their preferences. Hair extensions is one of the method people can change their hair look where hair is added. The hair used can be either natural or synthetic. Natural hair can be modified, can have dye applied to it and can be ironed to be flat. Synthetic hair cannot be modified in any way. Below are some of the reasons why one needs hair extensions.

  • To Have Appealing Hair

One major importance of hair extensions is that it makes your hair look appealing. It enables one to style the hair differently according to the occasion and function to be attended. The process of maintaining natural hair and having an appealing look at the same time can be overwhelming. It is also expensive since different products are needed so as to maintain the hair in a good condition. Natural hair also prevents one from exercising some of the freedoms like basking out on the sun. When one goes for hair extensions, they are almost sure that their appearance is complimented and is appealing.

  • Different styling

With hair extensions, different styles can be made with the same hair. One can enjoy different looks and a wide range of hair styles. Most women go for hair extensions because they make their hair look longer and bulkier. Most of the women have short hair and this does not allow them try different styles to match with the event, outfit or occasion. It is because of this reason that most prefer hair extensions. If one wants to have long hair for a long period of time, the keratin bond should be gone for. If maintained properly, this type of hair can last for up to six months. For people who need longer hair for a small period of time can opt for clip extensions. Different hair extension tools can be used to style. This has been a good choice for women who attend special functions once in a while.

  • Hair Issues

Hair extensions give room for the one using the extension not to be associated with major hair issues like split ends and hairline problems. When hair is dyed, it splits easily. Hair extensions which are fixed keenly will hide the split hair and improve hair appearance.

  • Status

Long and voluminous hair has and is still a symbol of status in the society. During the middle Ages, European kings were expected to have long hair while the poor people had their hair cut with knives to stop spread of the disease. They were not try to show that short pixie curs were “poor” but long hair reflects a certain state of being superior than others. The newest royal, Kate Middleton, who is the Duchess of Cambridge underwent a five-hour hair dressing session before making the introduction of Prince George to the world. She had outstanding real clip hair extensions during the announcement.

  • Individuality

It is commonly said that we always want what we cannot have. However, with the existence of clip hairs extensions, it is very easy to make that hair style you have always wanted to have. If you want hair that is bouncy and buoyant, use clip in hair extension you are wearing. If you have a bob and you are getting inpatient since it is not growing, add extensions and they will make it look longer. If you want fuss-free and funky hair, add colorful and courageous clips in your human hair extensions. Clips when used in hair extensions perfectly express your individuality despite the way your look dictates.

  • Confidence

We are all humans and instances when we look good our confidence is boosted. It also helps one to have a good state of mind. When used in human hair extensions, clips can change ones look from washed pit to exquisite and this will help you for any event you are attending be it an interview, a meeting, a wedding, a religious occasion or a social event. One who experiences hair loss or hair thinning is likely to have confidence issues. Clip in hair extensions can make you confident enough by filling out your head and bumping out your buoyant.

  • Psychology

A study was done in 2003 at Harvard and the reports said that a haircut that does not appeal us can have an effect on our physical and psychological health. In occasions where we have hairstyles that we like, our serotonin levels are increased. Serotonin is a chemical in the body whose responsibility is of maintaining mood levels and keeping depression away. It helps in lowering anxiety levels and lowers blood pressure too. Clips in human hair extensions can help one achieve one’s dream hair. Despite being an accessory, the clip is also a transformation for the mind and soul.

  • Maintenance

Most hair extensions require very little maintenance unlike natural hair which needs alto of attention. They are very easy to maintain and style. As if that is not enough, they will still provide you with that flaunting look that will make others enviable with just so little maintenance done. Different hair extension tools should be used for proper maintenance.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Hair Extensions

When buying hair extensions, there are things that should be considered. To get that perfect hair extension, one should choose an extension that will serve the purpose and will be suitable. Below are some of the things that should be considered when buying hair extensions.

Health And Type of Your Hair

Have you ever heard of hair health? It’s something that is in existence. When buying hair extensions, one has to consider the nature and health of the hair and scalp. If the scalp is weak, then hair extensions that involve application of adhesives and heat should be avoided as much as possible. In occasions where the buyer has hair texture that is light, hair extensions that have glue should not be bought since the glue might be thicker than the hair strands and would therefore be difficult to remove. One who wants hair extensions that have glue should have thick hair.


Your lifestyle greatly has an effect on the hair extensions you will purchase. By lifestyle we mean the job you do, the people you are associated with, events you attend, your social life and much more. For example, if you are a very busy person, you might prefer semi-permanent extensions like the tape-ins which usually go for around 6-8 weeks since they do not require daily application like the clip-ins.

Hair Color

Hair color should be considered by one who wants to but hair extensions if the person does not have an intention of changing the hair color through the hair extension completely. Hair extensions that have even the slightest shade difference from your original hair color can ruin a good hair extension. When purchasing hair extensions, make sure you keenly match the color of the extension against your hair and then choose the one that is most similar. If you have a hair that has mixed shades, the best hair extension for you is one with mixed colors.

Reason for the Extension

If you have decided to get yourself a hair extension you already know why you want it. One should let the reason for purchase guide in hair extension application you are going for. If it is for a ceremony like a birthday party or wedding, go for clip in hair extensions since they can be uninstalled easily after the event and can be recycled at a later time. If you bought hair extensions so that your hair can look fuller and lengthier, you should go for permanent hair extensions like the pre bonded ones.

Weight and Length of Natural Hair

This is a very important aspect that should be considered when purchasing hair extensions. If you purchase extensions that are long and denser, then they will be expensive. The perfect length and volume for hair extensions is dependent on the volume and length of your natural hair. This should also be done for comfort reasons. You might go for extensions that are so dense that you feel as if you are carrying a load on your head. The right length and density also places less pressure on the natural hair and the roots of a person’s hair.


Everything about extensions begins here. If you decide to go for extensions that are cheap and of low quality, you cannot expect them to last for a long period. For your hair extension to last long, you should go for the original extensions. You can opt for either those that are glued to hour hair or those that are removable. If you go for those that are glued to your hair, be ready to get back in your pocket and spend some more cash. To have an exemplary look, one should choose extensions that have a natural look and therefore one should go for those that have the same color and shape as theirs. Synthetic extensions are best for one who wants to remove and put on frequently.


The amount the extension goes for should be put in mind. The extensions go for different amounts depending on many factors like quality, size and density. As you are not ready to pay so much for a whack extension, you should take your time and compare the prices as charged by different stores. Before buying, one should have it in mind that natural extensions are more expensive compared to synthetic extensions. Long hair is also more expensive compared to short hair. It is the buyer’s responsibility to find out which place charges less for quality extensions.


Extensions are of many types and we will talk about that in our next sub topic. You need to know the right hair extension for you. After purchasing the right type of extension, consider the application too. Clamp the extensions on your hair without using any adhesives. If you are on a tight budget, there are hair extensions like hair clips and hair flips which you can opt for. They are attached to the hair and can be removed at any time.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are very many different types of hair extensions. However, one should always keep in mind that not all methods are created equally and not all hair integrations are of the same quality, craftsmanship and warranties. This differs depending on the manufacturer of the extension. Below are a few of the common types of hair extensions.

1. Microbead Hair Extensions

The Microbead hair extensions, also called I-Tip or I-Link, make usage of very tiny beads to fix extensions to the natural hair of a person. The beads are them forced down in a way that they can support the hair after the bead has been threaded on the hair next to the scalp. They require touch ups frequently and usually last for three to six months depending on the quality of the extension and the care.


  • Are durable
  • Do not need glue or heat to be attached


  • Require frequent touch ups

2. Tape-In Hair Extensions

They are normally in form of wafts instead of individual strands. They use adhesive tapes to fix the extensions to the head. Many people prefer them because of they take a short period to install and they look flat and seamless when installed the right way. They are commonly used with thin hair especially when the single-sided tape is used. They have a low risk of being damaged compared to fusion or glue-in extensions if one’s hair often gets exposed to heat-based treatments.


  • Short installation time
  • Flat when installed properly

3. Fusion Hair Extensions

This method has been evolving over time. It is also known as glue-in, Kera-Link or Donna Bella. It makes use of small Kerstin bonds that are melted, shaped and reformed near the hair so as to create a sturdy, long-lasting connection. Despite their name glue-in, not all fusion extensions use glue to attach. An example is the Donna Bella which uses Keratin protein bond and fusion connector to install. Maintenance is required after around six to eight weeks as the hair grows.


  • Require less maintenance


  • Hard to remove

4. Flat-Tip Hair Extensions

This combines both the tape-in and the microbial methods. They are installed in a similar way to I-Link and hence a 360-degree movement is found. Beneath the bead attachment, there is usually a small weft which looks like tape-ins. It is because of this that they lay flatter against the head and cover a larger surf e area.

5. Clip-In Hair Extensions

They are the ideal solution for easy length, volume or color changeup. They have to be put in every time a person wants to wear them and it is because of this that they require alto of work. They are perfect for fashion icons who do not want commitments and hassling. They can be installed in few minutes by a stylist or by the wearer and are the best for people who want different looks regularly.

Cheap Hair Extension Brands

There are many hair extension brands in the market today. Some sell at quite a higher price while some sell at a lower price. Below is a list of some of the cheapest and best hair brands.

  • Hidden Crown- their hair is 100% human hair and their extension is 12-12.5 inches in width, 16 to 20 in length and 140 grams in weight. They range from $199 to $499.
  • Mayvennhair- their hair is not processed, colored or bleached. It is 100% virgin human hair. Ranges from $149.
  • Indique- has a wide range of lengths in straight, wavy and curly. They also sell different hair extensions product. Ranges from $165.
  • Kendra’s hair boutique- 100% human hair. All hair is black unless otherwise ordered. Ranges from $270.
  • The Hair shop- clip-in bangs whose quality is top notch and blends naturally with real hair. Ranges from $95.