V Shaped Layered Haircut

V Shaped Layered Haircut Front View (2024) for Admirable Look

A V shaped layered haircut as the name implies is a pattern of haircut which is manifested by cutting the hair in several layers and attaining a V shape point at the end. It is preferred by those who wish to make a bold style statement that is both intriguing and modern.

The layered haircut of V shape has been on the trend for quite a long time. This hairstyle is apt for long hair, short hair as well as medium-length hair. This unique and trendy haircut adds a professional look to your hair and enhances your entire look and confidence.

different hair length v shape layers hair style
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Haircut in V Shape with Layers on Various Hair Length

V shaped layered hair style can be implemented on various hair lengths. Let’s take a look at the this hairstyle on different hair lengths.

V Shaped Layered Haircut Front View

The V-shaped haircut gives the impression of long hair. To get this hairstyle firstly you have to go for a haircut. While getting the haircut you have to keep the layers low and in front of your face. To frame the face the hair on the top can be kept long. This will also give a natural look and can help in concealing the thinness or baldness on the top of the head.

V Layered Haircut Medium Hair

Haircut V Shape Layers looks great on medium hair and gives a professional look to your appearance. The front view of this cut is exclusive because it begins with a V shape at the upper side of the head and ends up becoming curly and bumpy.

One major advantage of a haircut V shape in medium length hair is it can be left open and free if you wish. The layers effectively manage to conceal the short hair. It imparts a contemporary look to your hair.

V Shaped Layered Haircut on Shoulder Length Hair

This haircut looks pretty and gives a classy look. The haircut is made up of a woman’s shoulder and contains various layers. V- shaped layered cut made up to shoulder length is chosen by those women who desire to keep a simple hairstyle but at the same time look classy and elegant. Also, such haircuts make the face elongated visually.

V Cut Long Layered Hair Style

This cut makes your hair look voluminous and allows you to boast and flaunt your long hair. This cut is for those who have longer hair than an average person. This is a sophisticated hairstyle which stresses long layering and its shape on the front and back.

This haircut is opted for by those women who want to spend the least time on hair styling and also want a full bang for their buck.

V Shaped Haircut with Layers Short Hair

Short hair layered on one another forming a V shape looks unique and trendy. This is very popular among teens who want to stay free and avoid any hair hassle. But this style is less common as compared to the long hairstyle but it certainly gives a dignified outlook.

V- Cut Hairstyles & Types

A decent haircut changes your overall appearance. Much depends on the type and strands of your haircut. V-shaped haircuts can also be classified into many strands. They are as follows:

Long Wavy Cut

This type of haircut suits those whose hair is naturally thick. Because of its thickness and the weight of locks, it becomes difficult to articulate any style. In such conditions, a V-shaped long wavy haircut looks great.

Blonde Wavy Divided at Center

This cut depends much on the expertise of the hair expert. The blondes are made wavy and bouncy by the experts with the help of their techniques. This wavy haircut is beautiful by itself and looks gorgeous and voluminous as well. It is very much trending and the front view of this cut gives an edge to the face.

Long, Straight and Red V Cut

Long hair never goes out of style. To create a new look a V-shaped haircut with a touch of red does all the work. This haircut is preferred by those who crave to maintain their long hair and at the same time, the hair looks neat and set.

Short V Cut in Black, with Shaved Sides

This haircut is for feisty women who are daring and self-confident and love experimenting with their hair. The jet black color adds more power to these attributes. This V-shaped haircut is short and edgy and the shaved sides amplify its look.

V Cut that is Sleek, Blonde and Dark Colored

This cut is exhibited perfectly in long hair. For women who prefer to maintain their long hair, flaunt it and desire to enliven their locks, then this cut with proper layers and a clear V- shape is all that is required.

Long Hair Cut in V Shape with Layers

This is a versatile hairstyle with which a variety of hairstyles can be exhibited. Those who can manage long flowing hair can keep it loose while others can style it straight and sleek. In this hairstyle, layering is made from the top which imparts a nice look.

The V Shaped Haircut has Several Flipped-Up Layers

This haircut embodies curls, multiple layers and flipped ends resulting in a gorgeous, glamorous look. The wavy flipped ends stand out from the rest and lend a distinguished look.


If you are planning to make a haircut that can turn the heads toward you, then without delay go for a V shaped layered haircut.  Though many get confused over choosing a V-shaped haircut or a U-shaped haircut. Both look pretty and suit well in long or medium-length hair.

If you are opting for heavy and layered hair which will look bouncy and fluffy and have rigorous movements then a V shaped haircut is the best. For those who prefer to stay subtle and calm, the U- shaped haircut is perfect.