bleached hair care routine

Top 12 tips on how to make bleached hair soft!

Are you facing the bleached hair blues and finding ways to make them soft and shiny again? How can you prevent hair damage from bleaching? Well, every woman loves to experiment with their hairs, and coloring, smoothening, straightening, or hair bleach treatment are a few common types of chemical treatment that you have to undergo. Tackling the adverse effects to these treatments might get tricky, but there are a few things which can revive and improve the hair texture and retains its shine. Here are a few natural ways that can help in curbing the aftercare for bleached hair treatment.

How to make bleached hair soft- Top 12 ways revealed!

  • Choose hair products wisely- Common reason for dull, frizzy, and damaged hair after bleach treatment is a lack of knowledge about the products you choose. Conditioners, shampoos, oils, and hair lotions play a vital part in keeping your hair healthy. Many big brands offer such product range. It is advisable to avoid the hair products that contain sodium sulphate and ammonium lauryl sulphate. Hair dyes are a strict no. 

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  • Color shampoos-It is an excellent idea to pick shampoos with different colors. Opting for color shampoos helps in making your hair silky, soft, and imparts some natural color to them. Purple color shampoos are an excellent option that gives a pinch of a yellowish tint to the bleached hair and makes them look sun-kissed. You can wash hairs after every 3 days with this shampoo. 
  • Use natural oils- It is vital to rehydrate hair as a part of the bleached hair care routine. Nourishing the hair roots with natural oils helps in giving strength to the hair follicles and soothes your scalp as well. Coconut and argan oils are common ones that you can apply on hair for deep nourishment. It is vital to cover massaged hair with a silken cloth as it soothes all the extra oil and gives perfect nourishing. Please keep it for at least 5 hours and rinse them thoroughly with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Prevent hair from sun damage– Do you know the number of harmful UV rays has on your hair? While stepping out for a casual lunch date, women are unaware of the toll their hair have to go through with sun exposure. Bleached hair undergoes chemical treatment, and it makes them weaker and prone to damage. While moving out in the sun, you must use a stylish scarf to cover your head to secure it from the harmful UV damage.

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  • Hair wash at least twice a week- Include two times a week hair wash as a part of the bleached hair care routine. Pick a high-quality shampoo and best conditioner. After shampoo application, use fingers to comb your hair as it provides an excellent smoothness to the hair. 
  • Use Good conditioner- We have listed top conditioners for soft and silky hair. Most of you might be unknown that before applying the conditioner, you need to rinse hairs with cold water. Now start using conditioner from roots to the hair tip. Massage gently to mix the conditioner aptly with hair and at least keep it for 10 minutes to impart deep nourishment. Although waiting for 10 minutes might be tedious, but it ensures a shiny, soft hair after wash. 
  • Dry shampoos are also good– Isn’t it great to apply shampoo outside your bathroom? You can prevent hair damage from bleaching by using dry shampoo if you want to rush out and are falling short of time. While these shampoos absorb complete dryness from your hairs, it is also not recommendable for regular use. Also, start its application after a 6-inch distance from roots to prevent any further damage. 
  • Never dry hair with towels- Towel usage for drying hair is a common thing that most girls do without even realizing the dangerous effect it can have on your strands. Your wet hairs can use natural air and dry after some a while thoroughly. The towel used to twist, and dry hairs add to the typical hair fall problem. After the wash, your strands are weak, and any pressure on it leads to breakage. Especially for bleached hair care, the use of a towel is a strict no. 
  • Don’t use heating techniques for hairstylesBleached hair care routine involves many things that can ensure that there are no harmful effects on your hair after wash. While new-age girls get fascinated with the idea of heating styles like curls, waves, and straighten hair; they fail to realize its harmful effects on your follicles. Bleached hair is naturally weak in comparison to normal hair, and heating treatments can worsen the damage. Never heat your bleached hair as that may affect the roots adversely. Occasional use of hair dryers is not a problem. 
  • Always buy wide comb tooth- While combing hair, check out if the comb tooth is wide or no. Do you know that even a bit of pressure can hurt sensitive bleached hair? Trying changing your comb and replace it with a wide-tooth one. It is vital to comb your hairs at frequent intervals as it helps in providing better blood circulation to the scalp. By combing hair at least twice or thrice with a good quality comb, your roots can receive a good amount of blood circulation. 
  • Always stick to slim pillows- You must be thinking how the choice of pillows can be a part of aftercare for hair bleach treatment. But it’s your sleeping position and patterns that matter a lot. With the use of a right pillow at night, you can keep an even base for your hair that ensures that your hair does not get an unnecessary volume. Giving a good base for the hair to rest and shine is equally important as that for your other body. 
  • Drink lots of water- Water is a magical ingredient may it be your body, hair, skin, and overall health. Always drink fresh and purified water, and the intake should be a minimum of more than 8 glasses each day. You can also buy some good water purifiers in case of doubt about water quality. Water is a great way to nourish hair as there are many essential minerals in water that help in retaining hair quality.

All the tips stated above can prove helpful in maintaining an effective bleached hair care routine. Hair is a vital part of your existence, and after getting some chemical treatments, you need to take their utmost care. The choice of products always aces the list of hair care regime. It depends on you to choose the top quality products or average ones. That decides your hair health. 

As conditioning is an integral part of any type of hair care routine, it becomes essential to prevent hair damage from bleaching.

List of top conditioners for bleached hair

  • Tresemmé Color Shineplex Cleansing Conditioner

It is an effective conditioner that is first of all sulphate-free and is genuinely a milder alternative to provide deep cleansing and to keep the hydration intact. With this, your hair can retain shine for a long time even if you skip some salon visit. This conditioner uses camellia oil that aids in enhancing the texture of your hair. 

  • Sachajuan Silver Conditioner- Helps in maintaining Bleached hair shade!

Bleached hair care routine not just emphasizes the hydration of hair but also needs something that retains the gorgeous look of your beautiful hair. Sachajuan’s Silver Conditioner is a Swedish brand that is popularly known as a purple conditioner which prevents the brassiness of blonde shades. And fans are totally in love with these. You can check out the reviews to get a better idea. It also gives complete protection to your hairs against the UV rays and castor oil as well as algae extract carrageenan helps in making them silky and smooth. 

  • Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner- Natural oil conditioner!

A perfect combination of avocado oil, olive fruit oil, and the lemon extract gives the required amount of moisture to the bleached and dried hairs. It works fantastic for the hair-softening, and natural oils strengthen your hair follicles as well. Youngsters are in love with this type of conditioner to give a new shine and incredible softness to your hair. 

  • The Original Olaplex Hair Protector No3- All-rounder damage controller!

Olaplex is an excellent choice for hair repair and protection from dull, damages, and bleached hair. There are many hairstylists and hair experts who suggest and use these conditioners in their salons for some best results. It works excellent on broken bonds and using it at home regularly can help in maintaining the hair health regime. Reviews show that it stops breakage and adds life to the hair. It is a hero product as per the fans for damage control. 

  • Ouai Leave-in Conditioner- Best conditioner for bleached hair!

The top benefits of using this conditioner include fighting frizz and bringing the shine to dull and dead hair. It has a beautiful combination of tamarind seed extract, amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins, and Vitamin E, which enriches and imparts miraculous effects on bleached hair. Adding this to your hair care kit ensures complete safety and strength of your hairs. 

Adding any of these conditioners can work amazingly for hair health and improvise the texture and shine amazingly. You can buy them at nearby beauty stores or get them online. Decking up with a bleached hair look can get amazing by adding these products to your kit. Move out and shine in style with these silky, shiny hair!

How frequently can I bleach my hair?

Bleaching hairs at frequent intervals might lead to more significant damage to your hair. It looks great, but then you have to pay a substantial cost for it. Using hair bleach treatment more than once in 2 months is not at all recommendable. At least there’s no gap of 10 weeks between two sessions of hair bleaching. 

What about the touch-ups?

You can get a hair touch up to retain the bleached hair look but ensure that you keep it away from roots. Do not re-bleach the same hairs again and again or they might get damaged entirely. Instead, only apply to the new growth to prevent hair loss and any further breakage. 

When to see a hair expert?

In a few cases, hair damage from bleaching reaches its optimum level, and then only a professional stylist could fix up the damage. You can see an expert who can provide some advanced treatments to give better hair health so that the recovery starts. What are the main signs to see a hair expert? Well, look the prominent damage signs that can alarm you for the hair care are as follows: 

  • Difficulty in hair brushing
  • Hair breakage and loss
  • When you find that hair gets tinged and or the unwanted color appears
  • Uneven or heavy, dull hair texture
  • Hair looks dead, and there is no prominent change after putting in styling techniques like blow-drying, curling, or brushing.  

Wrap up

Hair damage from bleach treatment is a common concern for most of the women. There are a majority of women who suffer this kind of problem after hair any other types of hair treatments. So what’s the cure for it? After the damage, you need to keep patience till your hair gets back in shape and re-gain its quality again. Following a regular bleached hair routine such as oiling, spa, and deep conditioning can help in coping with a lot of problems.

In case, even after using all the tips and tactics, you are unable to achieve the same level of silky and soft hair, the best way is to seek guidance from a professional hairstylist. If you have recently gone through bleached hair treatment, start taking the right care from today itself to ensure no damages or dullness in hairs. Shine in style with those beautiful hairs!